Wellness Classes
(These are offered from time-to-time thru the year)

Breathwork, Stretches and Mental & Physical Exercises for better health
Wear comfortable "workout gear". We'll be using a combination of safe healthy fitness moves, yoga, visualization and other methods of relaxation.

Introduction to Massage and Reflexology
Learn the many benefits of massage therapy. Experience the fiving and receiving of neck, shoulder and back techniques that you may use at home. Bring a partner. Spend a couple of hours learning how to take the edge off of your day-to-day tensions as well as about the many benefits of massage. Reflexology* helps rebalance the imbalance in your system.
(*We will be baring out feet.)

Aroma & Color Therapies
Gain knowledge of many essentail oils, their healing properties and uses. Become aware of how the energy of colors affect the way we feel. What's your main aura color?

Nutrition & Herbs for general health & specific ailments

This class goes into detail about essential nutrients and how they work together. There are medicinal herbs for every health condition in humans, and animals too.

Each class is approximately 2 hours.

I am available to teach any of these education and fun classes or a condensed version of any combination of classes for groups of 10 or more at my facility or to a corporate setting at their facility - Contact us for more information or to book your date.