Massage Techniques
  • Swedish to Deep Tissue
  • Sports to Rehabilitation
  • Accupressure
  • Reflexology to Craniosacral
  • Metamorphosis
  • Pregnancy & Infant Massage

Nutritional Products
We provide a wide selection of what I've found to be the best herbal and nutritionally balanced supplements.
  • A daily essential nutrient complex with high concentrations of all necessary vitamins, minerals, amino acids, omega 3, 6 and other oils, 13 fruits and 7 vegetables
  • Advanced antioxidant therapy to strengthen your body's natural immune system
  • Unique combinations of herbs and nutrients designed to help women comfortably thru their monthly cycles, men to maintain prostate health, to balance out your physical reactions to stress, and to help you naturally relax for a truly restful night's sleep
    ( You can actually watch these products dissolve in a glass of warm water to know that they are doing the same in your system.)
  • A natural menopausal remedy, skincare products, analgesic creams, joint, cholesterol, antacid, and vision improving complexes, plus more.

Women's "Home Spa Parties"
They are sometimes called "Pamper Parties". Women getting together to enjoy social time, along with some healthy foods (maybe some cordials), getting massages, facials, manicures & pedicures, or any combinations of these.
  • Massages provided by Denise J. Mcgrew, LMT.
We are "natural caretakers". After taking care of everyone else 24/7, make some time to renew who YOU are.