Therapeutic Massage Pricing Schedule is as Follows:
Full Session (50 min.)
1 ½ Sessions (80 min.)
2 Sessions (110 min.)
Children 13 & under

(usually 30 to 60 min.)
$1.00 per min.
Reflexology Sessions

(feet, hands, ears & scalp)
$1.00 per min.

Gift Certificates Available:
Throughout the year for 1-hour increments or more.

You may also purchase for a specific dollar amount of your choice to be used by recipient however they choose toward Therapeutic Massage sessions.

Special prices on Gift Certificates for Holidays such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or end of the year Holidays are offered via text messages to established clients.

Ear Coning / Candling:
Children 13 & Under (1-1 ¼ hrs.) $60.00
Adults (1 ½ - 1 ¾ hrs.) $90.00

*As governed by the State of Illinois: “No services other than those listed shall be provided for any compensation whatsoever. There shall be no bargaining or solicitation for services between patrons, massage therapists, or employees.”